Friday, June 29, 2018

Martial Arts

Hey! I'm sure by now we all have an idea of what martial arts is, so there would not be any need to dwell on explaining how martial arts is systematic combat practice, We already know that right? wouldn't want to bore you. Over the years, martial arts is not something that has been used solely 
for; self defense, military or other law enforcement applications, in fact, it has always been used as 
a release, because aside from learning how to become a complete fighter, there are other intangible 
benefits we receive from practicing martial arts. Aside from being a really intense physical activity, it 
also helps with improving your state of mind, it heavily sharpens your concentration, as well as 
improvement of ones focus, aside from all the pummeling, you have to be at a calm state of mind to 
effectively execute some of the skills you have learned. You don't believe me, ask any one of the best 
martial arts fighters today, they will gladly agree to that statement. lt is believed that you acquire a new level of self confidence, when training in martial arts, this can be because you push yourself to limits you never knew you would, take for example; that young fighter that never knew they could do a back flip, and after a few months of training, they are able, we can all agree the next few weeks this back flip will be the one thing the individual carries round on his sleeve, right? 

The correlation between our peace of mind and confidence is pretty direct. When we rid our self 
of the insecurities we have, we then become less self-conscious, and this is truly when we begin 
to perform at peak ability. The best martial arts fighters today, whether it is those in the MMA championships such as Conor McGregor, whom, we so dearly watch on our television sets, all agreed to one thing, is that when they practice martial arts, they feel, that enhanced physical health, is one of the greatest influences martial arts has on their lives, and this i cannot deny. Allowing each individual to reach their maximum potential is perhaps one of the most significant aspects of Martial arts. Agree?

So we all decide to learn martial arts for different reasons, take it as another activity like dancing 
for example, you want to do it, but there are other forces driving you, you do it as an escape, or 
rather, a release, to calm you down and keep your focus, it is highly recommended for individuals 
that want to focus their energy on something productive, i mean, it does help them in the future right? 

It will give you the discipline you require, not to mention patience. Some of the best fighters, those that practice martial arts begun because they wanted to focus their 
energy to something productive, that would help them improve on other qualities and attributes they 

So why not try it too, witness the difference it will make for you!